Door signs for office, Apartment number signs, Engraved door plaques

Office Room Number Signs

door signs offices

Improve the prestige of your office with hallway signs.

These Petite Entranceway door number plaques match many of our Estate Plaques.

Ultra Petite Hawthorn Oval - 4.5" x 3" holds up to four 1.25" characters.

Door Signs

front porch signs

Distinguish your home with a doorway sign.

Ultra Petite Rochelle Door Plaque - 6" x 3.5" holds up to six 1.25" characters.

Door Signs for Office

office room number signs

Distinguish your building with entranceway or door number signs.

Petite Cape Charles - 7.5" x 4,75" holds up to three 3" characters.

Apartment Door Signs

door number plaques

Enhance the ambiaence of your grounds with a number marker.

Petite Square - 6" x 6" holds up to three 3" characters.

Office Suite Number Plaques

door signs businesses

Embellish the atmosphere of your business suite by adding decorative markers.

Mini Hartford - 10" x 4.25" holds up to five 3" characters.

Condominium Signs

apartment signage

Improve the curb appeal with the addition of a condo sign.

Petite Admiral - 8.12" x 3.5" holds up to six 1.25" characters.

Condo Unit Entrance Plaques

Add elegance with classic house numbers.

Mini Roanoke - 12" x 5.75" holds up to six 3" characters.

Porch Signs

engraved door plaques

Enhance the painache of your entrance with a porch sign.

Petite Arch - 8" x 4.75" holds up to six 2" characters.

Building Identification Signs

A building number sign makes things easier.

Mini Rolling Hills - 12" x 6" holds up to five 3" characters.

Hotel Room Signs

Distinctive hallway signs add to the atmosphere.

Petite Oval - 7.5" x 3.5" holds up to five 2" characters.

Office Hallway Sign

Office and Business Signs.

Petite Madison Oval - 8.25" x 3.5" holds up to five 2" characters.

Handcrafted Slate Hanging Signs for your Professional Office, or Business

Slate Professional Office and Business Signs

Professional Slate Signs - Our professional slate signs are made from newly quarried slate in the United States and hand cut to size and shape. They are ideal for hanging or wall mounting in front of almost any type of professional office or business.

-Two Styles ( with Logo somewhat similar to the example shown above ) or with a Border.

-Three sizes - 12"x16", 14"x18", 16"x20".

-All sizes Can be engraved (cut into the slate) on one or two sides. If both sides are engraved, the engraving must match.

-Two Colors of Slate, Black Slate for all sizes of signs, and also Green Slate for only the 12"x16".

-Four Color combinations Slate/Engraving choices:
---Black slate can have Gold Engraving, or White Engraving.
---Green slate can have Black Engraving, or White Engraving.

-Brackets & hardware for Hanging signs can be purchased separately ( signs larger than 12"x 16" need the Heavy Duty Bracket ).

-Five Rows of Engraving proportioned to the size of the sign ordered. Use picture shown above as rough guide. The general limitations on the total number of characters / spaces that can be engraved on each line are as shown for each particular model, however there is a limited amount of flexibility.